dijous, 20 de desembre de 2007

3D Maya

Hello every body. I know that it's long time that I didn't write anything... But, I haven't time.
I'm working now in a new firma, where we are making animation serie for internet. I will say which character and where you all can watch the serie when it's all finish.
But, in the afternoom, I'm going to Maya course. I'm making also a Maya Master, and I want to show my project... because then you all know that I have a very good apologise.

It's until work in progress... I'm learning, of course. I want to try to do a realistic character. Like a referent I made photos of my friend Belén. She is also the principal in a short film that we make a few years before but we couldn't made the postproduction. Now, Borja and my want to completed the film with its postproduction and of we need a 3d model of our star, Belén. Really, she had a lot patient with us. :-)

I want to try to show you the progress of the model. I hope to the end, show Belén and her twin, and you have to choose which is real.