- 2018 February Working as Lead FX on Lighthouse Studio (Ireland), for a new TV show
- 2017 April - October Working as FX Artist on "The Funan, the new people" in Fabrique d'image (Luxembourg), directed by Dennis Do
- 2016 March 
Working as a FX animator on "The Breadwinner" in Studio 352 (Luxembourg)
- 2016 July - November Freelancing collaboration as 2D FX animator on "Revolting Rhymes" by Magic Light Pictures, for BBC, directed by Jan Laucher
- 2016 Setempber - December freelancing collaboration as 2D animator and 2D fx artist on "Babú" shortfilm by Simón Fariza, produced by Teatre, La Estrella

- 2015 November Working as a freelancing 2D Character animator for "Zig and Zag" for JAMmedia, in Belfast (North of Ireland)
- 2015 February-November Working as a 2D FX artist for 4th season of "The amazing world of Gumball" for Studio SOI in Ludwigsburg (Germany)
- 2014 Setember
Working as a 2D FX artist for a pilot episode for a new TV Show by Disney for "Cartoon Saloon"
- 2013 November - 2014 Setember 
Working like VFX 2d animator on the tv show "The amazing world of Gumball"  for Studio SOI. in Ludwigsburg (Germany)

- 2013 March Working like a VFX 2D senior animator on "The Song of the Sea" by Tomm Moore for Cartoon Saloon
- 2012 April Working like VFX 2d animator on the tv animated movie for the BBC christmas special "Room on the Broom" directed by Jan Laucher for Studio SOI, in Ludwigsburg (Germany)
- 2012 April Working like VFX 2d animator on the tv show "The amazing world of Gumball"  for Studio SOI. in Ludwigsburg (Germany)
- 2011 August. Working like a VFX traditional animator for "Der Mundman" produced by Schesch FilmKreation in Berlin (Germany)
- 2011 April. Working like a Storyboard Artist Assistent for "Groove Hight School" produced by Planet Nemo in Lille (France)
- 2011 February. Working like a 3D infographist for "VoeleO" in Lille (France)
- 2010 November. Working like Flash animator assitent by Ankama Animations for the TV show "Wakfu" in Roubaix (France)
- 2010 Junio. Working like After Effects supervisor and composer for the animation serie "Pixi" by Hampa Studio
- 2010 Mayo. Working like Clean-up artist for the animation film "Little big Panda" for Hampa Studio 
- 2007 - 2009 November. Worked like animator and composer in the animation serie "Las aventuras de Fluvi" for Hampa Studio.
Ilustrator and animator for the internet animation serie "Toy Matters"
Animator, Composer for the animated serie "Enigman"
Traditional digital animator for VFX for the animation shortfilm "Margarita" by Alex Cervántes.
- 2007 Augost worked like composer and animator for Yankeepay S.L. in the pilot of the animation serie "240, the child sold in cartoon" by Vicent Arlandis.
- 2007 Augost - September, colaboration for the animation cut-out short film "Spaghetti Western", by Aralan Films
- 2007 Maked a animation project like director int he E.A.M. program by Media, in the Academy of Multimedien and Arts of Halle (Saale) Germany., in the personal project "Bomb love Bomb"
- 2007 Working like animator VFX in flash for Truca Films for the animation serie "Bugswatchs"
- 2006 November 2007 January Worked like infografist and postproduction for Triton Media for the short film "The triman curse" by Pablo Llorens
- 2006 Working like animator and disegner for Cyoshi Crucial in Hannover (Germany), in the animation pilot "Neues aus Stenkelfeld", and background artist in flash and animator in the animation serie "Suicidal Squirrel"
- 2005 Maked Storyboards for Estudios Andro, for the spots of "VitalDent"
- 2004 - 2005 Working like 3D animator  and Ilustrator for Silentium working for Estudios Andro, for the spots of "Smoby" and "Megablock"
- 2005 Realizada secuencia de animación introductoria para el cortometraje "El Último Ángel Negro" producido por "Caixa Negra P.C.V."
- 2004 Made diferents animated shots fot the TV show "Esto se mueve" performarced by Chimo Bayo, by "Valencia TeVe"
- 2003 - 2004 Made shortfilm in traditional animation "Pingüin's History" produced by Facultad de Bellas Artes de Sant Carles of the U.P.V. shortfilm selected by Animamundi 2005 Brazil
- 2003 Worked like interbetweener in the shortfilm "Portrait of D" by Maria Lorenzo, and produced by Facultad de Bellas Artes of Sant Carles of the U.P.V.
- 2002 Made Storyboards for the shortfilm "Pokerface" by Xon González, and produced by "Hormiga Roja"
- 2002 Mad Realizados Carteles y posters para Cafés Teatro

- 2007 – 2008 Made a Master in animation Maya in the C.E.I.
- 2004 - 2005 Made a Adaptation Pedagogic Course (CAP) in the U.P.V.
- 2004 Finished my Fine Arts studis by the Fines Arts Faculty of Sant Carles, of the U.P.V.
- 2003 - 2004 Made one year like a Fine Arts student like Erasmus in the Fachhochschule Hannover (Germany)
- 2003 Coursed "Relationship between producer and Animator in the animation industry" did by Miguel Vidal and Aramis Acosta of ICAIC (Cuba) in the UPV.
- 2002  Coursed "Camera Mouvement in the animation" by Raymund Krumme, in the UPV
- 2001 Coursed "Timming in the animation" by Miguel Vidal of ICAIC (Cuba) in the UPV
- 2000-2001 Coursed one year of Art history, in the Geografy and History Faculty, of the Valencia University


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