dissabte, 6 d’octubre de 2007

Pingüin's History

A long time ago.....
I made this short for the animation course when I was studying.
I made it like the old cartoons, with cell and acrilic colours... and with a lot patient.... Nine mounth for this project.
The film was selected in Animamund Brazil at 2005. Was funny because I send it to a lot animation festivals in Spain but anywhere were selected, but in the another side of the World the film likes.... Spain it's different.
I hope that like you this animation.

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javi ha dit...

Ei Andreu!

Mersi por linkearme, en cuanto tenga tiempo te pongo en mi lista!

Espero que te vaya todo bien, lástima no poder despedirnos.
El mundo es un pañuelo, y el nuestro en concreto, uno muy pequeño, jeje. Así que seguro que en algun curro nos encontramos!
Suerte valencià!!!!